• Vakashunette:  3- 4 (3 adults or 2 adults and 2 younger children)
  • Argosy: 4
  • Nomad: 5 (bunk bed is 150 lbs. max.) 

If you are renting at a State beach campsite then typically you can not have more than one trailer. If you are renting at the Holidays San Clemente, we may be able to accommodate more than one. If you are renting on a private property then you can rent as many trailers as we have available. Please contact us to discuss (email info@theholidaysdelivered.com).

Campgrounds: See below for the campground list where we currently deliver. 

Private Events: See Private and Event and Home Rentals section below. 

If you cancel 45 days or more from your reservation date, then you will forfeit your booking fee ($25) plus 50% of your reservation fee. There is NO REFUND for cancellations made less than 45 days from the date of your reservation. You may transfer your reservation to another person if you are unable to fulfill your reservation. In some instances we may issues a full credit for a future date (such as severe weather). 

Our booking system requires that you pay in full in advance. Cleaning fees are included in the rental price. Deposits may be required for additional rental items and special events (e.g. surf boards, boogie boards).

No, our vintage trailers do not have A/C.  We have installed high efficiency overhead vent fans in all of our trailers to pull out hot air and cool off the trailers. 


We cannot guarantee that an awning will be set up for your rental!  Campgrounds like San Onofre, Doheny and even some at San Clemente do not have the space or type of ground that allows us to put the awning up. We also will not put the awnings up in high winds. Please review the type of site you have and bring your own pop up or other type of umbrella for shade if you are concerned about direct sun or want additional shade, especially as the sun moves since our awnings cannot be adjusted for different times of the day. 

We have power in all our trailers to be able to charge electronics. The power is solar generated so won’t support heavy electronic use but works for phones, tablets, and computers. 

Most State parks have good cellular service so you can hot spot Wi-Fi from your phone if needed, and you have that feature. 

No pets are allowed in our trailers.  

Campground Delivery

You must go to https://reservecalifornia.com/ to book your campsite in advance of renting a trailer if you want to use it a State Campground in Orange County. These campsites do book up fast and new reservations slots are released every morning at 8am for 6 months ahead. You can also use the service Camp Nab to get alerts about campsite cancellations and try to book as soon as those cancellations occur if you are looking for a specific date (note: Camp Nab is a paid service; and we have no affiliation).  

Upon booking, you will provide details of your campground reservation in the Comments section. Please specify (1) Campground Name, (2) Campsite #, (3) Full Name for Reservation. 

Our team will deliver your trailer to your reserved campsite at the check-in time (usually 2pm). We will review operation details and show you where you can find all the stocked items. 

We will pick up the trailer at 11am on the day of your check-out. 

If you are renting at a State Beach campsite then typicall you can not have more than one trailer. If you are renting at The Holidays San Clemente, we may be able to accomodate more than one. If you are renting the trailers for special events or on private property you can rent as many as you have room for and that we have available. Please contact us at info@theholidaysdelivered.com for specific questions. 

We currently deliver to San Clemente, San Mateo, Doheny, San Onofre. We deliver to Crystal Cove for an additional $100 surcharge and Bolsa Chica for a $150 surcharge (due to delivery distance – mileage and gas for our delivery trucks). 

If you already have a reservation at our sister trailer company The Holidays at San Clemente Campground, then you can rent an additional trailer at your campsite for additional space or to bring more campers.

Check out for The Holidays Delivered is 11am. We need time to hook up the trailers and remove them before the typical park check-out time at noon. 

You will remove your personal belongings and leave all of The Holidays Delivered items in the trailer along with the keys. Our team will retrieve the trailer and take care of the rest. Easy peezy! 

Yes, we can deliverd to hook up sites or standard campsites. Hook up sites will provide unlimited water supply and electricity to our trailers. Tent sites do not have access to water or electricity so you many be limited to the water tank capacity in the trailer (we always fill up and should last a couple days) and the amount of solar energy generated (usually enough to power small electronic devices, lights, and fridge for a couple days). 

Private Event and Home Rentals

Yes. If you have family or friends coming to town but don’t have space for everyone in your home, our vintage trailers are a great way to provide extra sleeping space in a fun environment. Be sure to check with your city codes about street parking if you don’t have driveway space If you want to rent one of our unique vintage trailers for a birthday or other special celebration, we can deliver our trailer to your residence. See below for how far we will deliver.

We will currently deliver to private properties within San Diego County. See above for campground delivery area. 

If you want to rent the trailer for the day for a special event or photography session, please see our Private Event and Day Rate details under OUR TRAILERS.